About the Author

malissa-profileHi! My name is Malissa A Hall.

Let me take a moment to tell you a little about me, the author. I was bitten by the writing bug when I was young. I remember the hours I would spend weaving tales in my journals, creating poetry (rather badly), building short stories for my younger brother and dreaming of adventures that only a young girl with the love of sci-fi could! As I grew older I wrote stories for my children where they played the hero and saved the world from some horrible deed. When life got busy I moved away from taking the time to actual write these stories down; a regret I will forever live with. As my older children grew up and started their own real life adventures I was left with only one in the house to keep me company. We were talking one night about writing stories when he stumbled upon the realization that I never had the opportunity to write him one. So a new adventure began and here we are today. It took me four years to write, edit and publish my first book.

I digress on my original thought, which I often do when I write or ramble so my apologies! I was raised by a rancher’s son and a farmer’s daughter. My father was a career Navy man and we spent many years traveling along side him. I was born on the west coast, raised and settled in the mid-west. I have 5 great kids, all their own original cast of characters or what I would call them as my ‘clan’. My husband and I raised his, her’s, our’s and someone else’s. (That only could be a book.)

My mother and father instilled in me a love of reading. Mostly to keep me quiet I suppose on long car rides but it stuck with me throughout my life! My mother also gave us notebooks to write about what we saw outside the window on our travels so I suppose she gave me that gift as well. (Thanks Mom!) Mrs.Horan was my 6th grade teacher who nurtured that love and gladly provided me any book that I was looking for to read. I spent many hours in her company discussing what I had read and she encouraged me to continue to write in our daily journal logs stories that I created. She new that ‘far away look’ on my face was not me paying attention but living a role that I was creating in my head. I don’t know what happened to her since we lost touch when I graduated junior high by I will always be thankful to her.

And here I am rambling away again! I seem full of random thoughts that I know drives my editor crazy! So back on track I go! I recently relocated with my husband and youngest child to the sunny side of Georgia away from the cold Illinois winters. Here I can sit outside and write for hours as I bask in the sunlight. With the move I’ve become ‘retired’ to follow my dream of writing full time. Or as my husband fondly says “I’m a kept woman.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little better as I’ve enjoyed talking about myself for a little while.

Blessed Be!
Come back anytime!