Just a short minute of your time

Sometimes my brain works in the weirdest of ways…I was re-reading a book that I had started last year- you read that right- last year. What can I say? It’s been a hectic, crazy, throw it in your face year. Anyway, at least I didn’t scrap it like I normally do but instead enjoyed it. And now I’m stuck. Again.
The voices have drifted off, my unicorn ran away and I’m slowly losing the ability to write (or speak) a cohesive sentence. Isn’t life grand?
So I guess I’m going back to the beginning and re-reading with a more critical eye and hopefully I’ll vex myself enough it’ll get the creative juices (why do we use that saying? It’s mildly disturbing if you think about it too long.) Instead I chose to check out the website I barely remember to remember, see how sales on Createspace were going and basically goof off hoping the voices decided to return and wreak havoc on my sanity.
I’m waiting…
I’m waiting…
Maybe I’ll go bang my head on my desk.