Back up- then back up again

It has been a hellish week. I’m usually very good at this but somehow, somewhere I forgot. I do back up files on a thumb drive. I spent several days last week updating files after files of…everything I had on my laptop. Did I back it up properly on my external drive you ask? Well of course not! And where did that leave me you ask? In hell I say! Hell!
I’ll set the scene: Monday, in my office, reviewing some recently uploaded information. Checking the changes I had just recently made last week. I was gone the previous weekend without my laptop, no biggie I had thought. I’ll just do it Monday. I just plugged in my external hard drive, and BAM! Window 10 started to upload. Was there a way to stop it you ask! Hell no, I scream as I rage! Took a deep breath and let it do it’s thing. No worries, I had thought. I’ll just do it when it’s done…
And it went right to a Recovery screen with an error code. I freaked. I panicked. I called my husband.
Four days later and several hundred dollars poorer, I brought home my laptop, set back to the factory settings from the Geek Squad. I lost everything. And I mean everything! I cried like a toddler that had dropped her ice cream cone. They ‘recovered files’ but they were all empty.
Future self will remember. Future self see’s herself locked in her office for the next two weeks attempting to recreate her files. I see no sleep in her future.
Back up people- always back up.