I don’t do FREE

I’ve been told time and time again to make my ‘blogs’ more…more what? I always seem to ask that question on multiple social sites I belong too. I see all the posts how these Indie Authors are number 1 best sellers in a certain genre. I’m confused…how did they get to be best-sellers in such a short amount of time? How are their numbers so high in downloaded books? I dig in and start investigating- I want to know their secret! Ah-ha! Found it! And I don’t get it. I spend a lot of time creating, agonizing over my characters decisions and paths. I’ve laughed with them and cried with them. I love it when the words tumble out and I stomp my feet and bang my head when I hit that wall.
Why? I scream soundlessly. Why are you giving your books away for FREE? Or sell it for just .99 cents? I’m sorry- but I do like earning a little something each month on my books. I’m far from being a best-seller. I’m not rolling in the dough so to speak but I wouldn’t just GIVE my beloved creation away. But that’s how others are keeping their numbers so high. That’s why their rankings are blowing through the ceiling.
Now I do donate a copy of my books to the local library as well as the local high school library. I purchase them myself and gladly put them on their shelves. I am an proud library card carrying book check-it-outer! And I know not everyone can afford to take a chance and purchase books from a non-best selling Author, so I’ll get my books in their hands through the library.
But- seriously? FREE? .99 cents Kindle books?
I won’t do it. I have been pressured to do it by other Indie Authors and I just won’t do it. I keep my list price as far down as I am allowed through Create Space but I will not lobby for new readers by giving it away. I like to think the books I’ve written are worth the list price. That I did in fact create a world that the reader could get lost in.
Sure- I post on my FaceBook page and urge anyone to do a review- but I don’t offer anyone anything in exchange for doing it. Sure-I’ve run contests on my page for swag or a free book after it’s written but those are far and few between. I don’t know about you but I’m cheap by nature. My husband calls me thrifty, but I know I’m cheap and okay with it.
I pinch my pennies and look at the sales adds and use coupons. I have had extensive gardens to fill my kitchen with fresh herbs, fruits and veggies. I enjoy a good yardsale and thrift store. But…I don’t do FREE.

Blessed Be!