Where the heck did it all go?

Time people, I’m talking time! What the heck? It’s August? How did that happen? Seriously though- where was I? I know I’ve been off the grid for way too long but August? So- here are my excuses for the lack of well- any news.

1. I’m a mother
2. I’m a mother of a very busy teenager.
3. I’m a mother of a very busy teenager that requires a mass amount of my time.
4. I’m a mother of a Senior in high school and I’m having a nervous breakdown cause he’ll be leaving me with just his Father in a year.

I should have more time, I wake up, I’m active then the next thing I know is that it’s bedtime again. I did finish Lilura’s Secret and currently pounding out on the Scouts vs. Zombies Book 2 if that is helpful. I have another story that I started two years ago, probably should pick that up, dust it off and take a glance at it again but…squirrel! That’s me lately, too many things on my plate and not enough time to get through it all in a day. I want to enjoy my days while I still have some spunk in me. I’m far from being a doting grandmother (cause I totally am a grandmother of one) but life is too short and I don’t want it to slip away while I’m trying to cling onto what is left of my life. And neither should you! So- get out there! Do something that you love! I love to read and write and even though so many of my favorite authors are winding down their series (Boo!) I have to get off my butt and get writing again.
I can’t promise I’ll be better at posting on blogs- seems like its always on the bottom of my list of things-to-do, but I have a goal of getting three books out before the end of the year. ( I can hear my Editor sigh from Chicago.) Okay, maybe two.

Blessed be!