College Bound!

No, not me but my youngest is gearing up. He’s only a Junior but his eyes are already gazing toward the future. We are heading up to VMI this weekend for his first college visit. I’m having nightmares! I’ll be an empty nester as soon as next summer! Ack! What insanity will fill my life without the help of my partner in crime? He is seriously a cool kid and we do some much together I’m really not sure what I’m going to do without him. Sounds terrible right? Just see it from my point of view, he is the baby of five. His siblings are 7-8 years older than he is. It’s just been the two of us hanging around for years.
Super proud of the kiddo and everything he accomplishes but out of the 4 colleges he is actively looking at only 1 is in the same state as I am. I know he’ll make the best decision for his future, just not sure if it’s the best for mine! (so sad, I’m aware!)
We geek out at the same tv/movies. We like the same genera of books. We love to camp and get outside and explore. We pig out on the same, let’s pretend mom’s not trying to diet again, food.
Sigh…letting go is hard and I’m just not prepared to be left alone with his father full time.
So if you see me on the road over the weekend heading from Georgia to Virginia give me a honk and a wave. I’ll be the one in the passenger seat with the look of panic on her face!
Blessed Be!