It’s a new year, well, it’s been a new year for a few weeks now but hey, better late than never is what I say! And I seem to say that an awfully lot, how horrible is that? So I guess I should be looking back at 2014 and think of ways to improve I suppose. But what if there isn’t anything that I want to improve on. Personally, I think I’m pretty perfect in my own world. Sure I have faults, who doesn’t? Sure, I should probably be more functional on several things like PR, writing, remembering to feed the dog on time and to get a decent amount of sleep at night (or just take more naps) but…well honestly I just don’t give a damn sometimes!
Yes, yes it’s a new year and its spouted all over about starting anew, getting in shape (pear is a shape by the way), quite smoking, eating better and saving more. Who really cares anyway? Seriously? I can make new year resolutions every day, doesn’t mean I’ll actually do them. And if I don’t, who does it hurt anyway?
I can feel some of you judging me, right now, through the internet. Judge away! It can’t hurt me. Think about it, a majority of people never fulfill their resolutions and feel bad about it. Why? So what you didn’t lose that last 20 pounds of baby fat, never mind your baby is a teenager. So what if your savings account has zip in it, but hey, that trip to Disneyworld was totally worth it right? Right?
All I’m saying, is do things that please you and only you. It doesn’t have to be a resolution. It just means you’re human.
Keep on being human!
Blessed be!