Wow…just wow

So, there I was the other day chatting with a friend when he said, “Hey, I saw you the other day and waved. Guess you didn’t see me?” My response as I racked my brain for the encounter that I missed, “How did you know it was me?” He just looked at me as if I lost all my brain cells.
Oh yeah…my name is on the back of my truck…duh

Not hard to miss big bold letters on the back windshield…you would think.

I guess I just forget that it’s there. Sometimes I surprise myself on how often I do that. I know I’m horrible with actually updating my web page. I’m a horrible blogger, I can admit that. I need to have someone who can actually remember or read my many, messy post it notes to do the PR work that needs to be done.

I don’t have time to stay hours on end on the social media sites and when I do, I forget. Really, I’m uber organized in most aspects of my life, I have to be. Like most people I wear several different hats, I have people that depend on me to do several jobs and there are even times I forget to breath (well, at least properly).

I’ll just continue on and muddle through as best as possible along with the rest of the human race…with my post it notes.

Blessed Be!
Read on, my friends, read on!