Annoucing Book 2- Secrets Unbound

Hello everyone- just wanted to give ya’ll a sneak peek at the up and coming second book of the Secrets Found Triology. Still no release date but here is the pitch! Enjoy my friends!

A God of long ago pledged an oath to the first of the Druid Clans to become one with the Savior in their time of great need. Shamed that his kind turned their backs on the blood of the innocents in a time of great war and greed, he turned away from immortality to become more like man. He eagerly waited until he was once again called upon.
A child that should not have lived, Harrison grew up happy among his family until his mother’s disappearance and his father’s death. He was raised by his oldest brother and betrayed by his other three siblings when he discovered a family secret; a secret that would shake the very foundation of his reality. He was not just a normal 18 year old. He was the Teacher’s Son, the most powerful earth witch yet to be born. His powers were unbound to save the covens against the demons of old and restore balance in the world.
Along the path he is forced to walk, Harrison comes face to face with those that are hunting him. His life seems to be more questions than answers. Where is his mother; is she dead? Who is the one with the blackened heart? The Oracle leads him down a path to answers he isn’t sure he really wanted to know. He and his closest friends are dragged deeper and deeper into the heart of a war, and on the brink of battle he struggles with who he is and what is expected of him.
Demons are crashing into his world, putting all that he loves at risk. Betrayed by his own family, it is his destiny to save them all…but how? He’s not afraid of the darkness; it’s the shadows that haunt him.